Rooftop Cinema

For our friend’s birthday this year, three of us decided to surprise her with a trip to ‘Rooftop Film Club’. This is something I’d always wanted to experience as I’d heard so many good things about it, and basically thought it would be pretty cool watching a film in an open air environment in the middle of London! So I had a little look on Rooftop Film Club’s website to check out what films were available to book tickets for, and oh mah gah the cinema gods must have been looking down on me, as Clueless was playing as a part of their ‘chick flick Tuesday’! As you already know, I am a massive Clueless fan, and me and Barney had gone to see ‘Beyond Clueless’ earlier in the year, a documentary all about the theme of teen films (I blogged about it here). So yup, I booked us four tickets and was more than excited!

Photo 08-08-2015 10 46 36

Sadly one of our friends couldn’t make the screening in the end, so the three of us journeyed to the top of Peckham’s Bussey building – SO MANY STAIRS – and discovered on one side of the roof was where we’d be watching the film, and on the other was a bar and pizzeria. Not going to lie, I think seeing the pizza place excited me more than the bar! We made friends with the security guard, a proper geeze, who gave us some top tips about what time to grab a seat for the screening. This guy clearly loved his job, and told us about the previous night’s events, where Cinderella was being screened accompanied by a live orchestra! So cool. Also apparently the security guard got to sit on a massive throne, which he thought was the best thing ever. 

Photo 04-08-2015 19 26 54

Photo 04-08-2015 19 56 54

I’d never experienced ‘Pizza Pilgrims’ before but it is definitely high up there with my favourites now. It was quite hard to eat and drink on the roof as it was majorly windy up there, more than anything I was worried my wine would blow away! Nightmare. We finished up around 8pm and headed back to the other side to grab some good seats for the screening. Our new friend (aka the security guy) told us the best seats in the house were next to the second speaker on the left, nearest the wall – as to keep warm. Being the first to sit down, we nabbed the seats and then popped back to the bar to get a cheeky cocktail for while we waited. Everyone gets a blanket for during the screening but I would highly recommend taking a jumper or two as well, as it gets bloody cold once the sun goes down. My jumper and jacket were a life saver, as without them I would have probably frozen to death.

Photo 04-08-2015 20 18 51 copy

Photo 04-08-2015 23 32 36

Cocktails finished and snuggled under our blankets, watching the film was such a cool experience. It’s always so much better with a crowd, and with the screen being open air, people seemed a lot more open to their reactions and laughter. Just felt like we were all in it together! It was a bit sad watching Brittany Murphy, as she is no longer around, but was great to see her in her element – ‘rollin’ with the homies!‘. Although it was way harsh Ty when you called Cher a ‘virgin who can’t drive‘. The film has only gotten better with age, and I definitely appreciate it a lot more now. It really was one of the first ‘teen’ movies, and hasn’t aged at all – and may I say neither has Paul Rudd! Oh my, he looks practically the same as he does now, and we were all in love with him by the end of the film! Roof Top Film Club was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back.

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