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Going to Legoland in your twenties isn’t as creepy as it sounds, and we were all SO excited to go spend the day reliving our childhood and basically just seeing cool stuff made of Lego! We did have a legit reason for this visit though, as our friend Viki is in the ‘Lego Friends’ park show – so we thought we would make a day of going to visit her.

So as well as cheering on Viki, we obviously explored the park, and went on pretty much all of the rides. The weather was grim, with spitting rain and grey skies but this didn’t dampen our spirits. We didn’t even care about roaming the park in our less than attractive anoraks and the silver lining to the weather issues was that the rides had hardly any lines. Now I’m really not great with rides – I’m scared of heights and pretty much think I’m going to die on all of them, but I really didn’t think a kid’s ride at Legoland would scare me. Oh how wrong I was..

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The Pirate Ship was by far the worst for me, as we decided to be CRAZY(?!) and sit right at the far end, I really didn’t anticipate how high this thing really went, you are practically parallel to the ground in mid air by the time the ship was at it’s full swing. So this height issue, teamed with the fact I was slightly hungover made me feel very ill, so I basically shut my eyes the whole time and clung on for dear life! I was also paranoid that a child on the other side of the ship would vom mid air, meaning it splattering right into my face. Not cool. This aside, the rides were surprisingly fun, and I respected kids for being able to ride these not-so-childlike attractions. We also got soaked on the log flume ride, like drenched. But all in the name of fun of course. 

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So as I mentioned, my bestie Viki is a dancer and nabbed the lead role in Legoland’s ‘Lego Friends’ showpiece, where she dons a blonde wig and plays ‘Stephanie!’ ..that needs to be said in a cheesy American accent, who teaches everyone about the ‘power of friendship!’ ..again said in an American accent. The show is four times a day out on a bridge-type stage, over a man made lake, performed in front of excited kids who by the end are all up singing and dancing too! And yes of course so were we. The songs are seriously catchy – I’m literally singing ‘best friends foreverrrr!‘ in my head right now, and seeing Viki perform was just so fun! I got totally excited when she waved to me from the stage, and we all felt we were a part of High School Musical or something!

The funniest aspect of the show is that Viki and the girls have to speak in American accents the whole way through, and the songs that they mime too are in an American twang as well. The kids lapped this corniness up and shrieked with excitement when Stephanie came on stage. The dancing was really good and like a proud mum I managed to take about a zillion pictures, videos and snapchats. We also had a pic taken with the Lego version of Stephanie (not as good as the real thing of course). Go Stephanie!

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After the show we treated ourselves to the pizza buffet (when in Rome..) and carried on gallivanting around the park, this time humming the Lego Friends theme tune. We rode more rides and then we went to experience ‘Mini Land’ – the vast collection of Lego-made landmarks from around the world. This was really impressive and obviously fun pretending we were giants..

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Photo 26-07-2015 16 49 32 copy

Photo 26-07-2015 16 46 08

The massive Taylor Swift made out of Lego was a cheeky surprise too. It was such a fun day and seeing as we got two free return tickets, Legoland (and Stephanie) may get another visit before the summer’s over! If you want to see Viki in action check out her showreel here. She’s great!

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