Grayson Perry at the Turner

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A trip down to Broadstairs wouldn’t be complete without a little visit to the Turner Gallery. I’ve been a bit slack with the Gallery visits lately, so the Grayson Perry exhibit at the Turner seemed like a perfect step back into the art world. Now I never really ‘got’ Grayson Perry. All I really knew is that he liked to dress as a woman called ‘Claire’ and he won the Turner Prize in 2003 – apparently though he is known for doing some really great pottery, and pretty much just causing controversy with his work. So we popped along to see his latest exhibit of work and see what the cross dressing trouble maker had gotten up to..!

Photo 28-06-2015 15 24 17 copy

Photo 28-06-2015 15 30 31

The space was very minimal and the pottery room held individual pieces in glass cases. I liked the brightly coloured ones with illustrations etched on top of the paint, my favourite having an homage to some of the greats; Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. Others had photographs attached or designer names branded onto the clay. 

Photo 28-06-2015 15 27 24

Photo 28-06-2015 15 28 52

Photo 28-06-2015 15 29 45

There was a room full of photographs, which to be honest I didn’t rate that much. A film was playing which just seemed to show Perry as ‘Claire’ smoking and wondering around a house.. I did however love this one room which had three massive tapestries which Grayson had created. They were fun, colourful and quirky and just made everyone smile really. The designs were really illustrative and there seemed to be something new each time you glanced over them.




It was fun to go to an exhibition of an artist I don’t know that much about. I think with any body of work you’re probably not going to like all of what’s on show.. some of the stuff Grayson had done I kind of feel it was odd for the sake of being odd. But hay that’s just my opinion! It was nice to make a day of going to the sea side and getting some much needed culture down us, and I look forward to seeing what’s on next at the Turner Gallery.


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