Wombling Wimbledon

Wimbledon will always have a place in my heart. It was where my first home was, my first school was, and where my first memories were made. We lived in a small house on a quiet road down past the shopping centre car park, away from the high street. I remember sitting in the front garden drawing things at a plastic table, trying to sell my work to passers by for 10p (I was only young), and I remember struggling to open the front door when I decided to ‘run away’ to my grandmas house, taking a small bag that simply contained a My Little Pony toy and a stapler(!?) I’ve always loved Wimbledon and have always been drawn back to the area even after moving away. As a teen it was one of our favourite hangouts, drinking (sorry mum) on the common in the summer and trailing the streets to find ‘a friend of a friend’s’ house party somewhere in the village. Nowadays, my grandparents have a beautiful flat next to the tennis grounds, where many cups of tea have been drunk and cake has been eaten, and I have crowned Wimbles to have the best local H&M. Wimbledon is always great for food, and lately has upped it’s restaurant game with a Dip’n’Flip and a Franco Manca opening within walking distance of each other! Talk about spoilt for choice. Wimbledon has also included some nightspots of choice for us girls, although recently visiting ‘Edwards’ after not having been in over a year we realised we were definitely the oldest in there, and the floor was way stickier than I remembered. Yuck. 

The best part about Wimbledon though is definitely the village. Up the hill away from the busy high street and one way system lies the tranquil and beautifully pretty part of the town, with lovely shops, restaurants and cafe’s (all ridiculously middle class of course), that you can spend the day mooching around. Past the village is Wimbledon Common – a vast spread of grass and trees with a lake in the middle, surrounded by luxury houses which I one day want to be a proud owner of (never going to happen as they are worth millions!). Me and B spent the day walking around, cooing at the many dogs in their element playing the mud, appreciating the pretty coloured houses and of course stopping for a coffee and treat in a local café. Come Autumn when our lease is up, we’re hoping to move closer to Wimb so we can have days out like this within walking distance. Roll on September!




IMG_3477 copy














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