We bought a house!

Well we finally did it! After viewing around a million properties we finally found ‘the one’ early May and then moved into our dream home four months later. The process was pretty smooth I’d say. The biggest hiccup we encountered would probably be waiting for the vendors to find somewhere to move to while we were ready and raring to go!

I won’t blab on about how to buy a house – luckily I had a lot of knowledgable people around me and of course B was amazing throughout. The place we bought is actually situated across the road from our old rented flat, so knowing that the property was so close and even being able to see into the living area from our old bedroom (stalker I know) was torture when we were waiting to hear back from people, and hoping nothing would fall through. Our vendors were really nice people though and kept us in the loop about all things their end, which was handy. 

Once we had the keys we started painting the whole place white straight away. Every room was magnolia so we wanted to get rid asap! We had an amazing team made up of our two families – who spent a whole weekend painting until their arms fell off, and helping us move all our furniture in from over the road. We really couldn’t have done it without them. Because of all our fabulous helpers the whole place was basically decorated by the time the weekend was over, meaning we could focus on putting up finishing touches. Mirrors, artwork, bits and bobs really. This was of course the fun bit, and is still on going. 

Now we have been here nearly four weeks, it very much feels like home. Our old flat is a distant memory.. and the novelty of waking up and coming downstairs every morning, looking around our own space is something I doubt will wear off any time soon! We are very happy and so I thought I’d share a few snapshots from around the house. 
















For more pics and house progress follow me on instagram: @plleigh


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