New Home Wish List

In just under two weeks me and B will (hopefully) be moving into a place of our own – finally! It’s been a long process but now that we are so close and the dream is becoming a reality I feel like we can finally relax a little and start thinking about the fun stuff – decorating.

Two years ago when we first moved in together I had a whale of a time planning how we were going to make the flat our own. My ‘flat inspiration’ Pinterest boards grew by the day while my bank account dwindled purchasing homeware bits and bobs, but I was really happy with what we managed to do with our little home – seeing as we couldn’t make too many changes as we were renting. 

Now that we will own somewhere the possibilities are endless. We have many ideas and I have been told by B not to be disappointed that we can’t make all our plans come to life as soon as we move in (waa!) In the past few weeks I have been able to shop around for some items we either need (due to having more room) and also things that we just want! We have ordered a beautiful armchair, as well as a new coffee table, and the excitement I have felt towards these items arriving has very much confirmed that I’m getting old! What can I say – homewares make me happy; especially these ones that have caught my eye below…


1: Peg Board / 2: Jewellery stand / 3: Standing plant holder / 4: Leon print / 5: Blue folding balcony table / 6: Hanging picture frames / 7: ForLife teapot / 8: Wall clock / 9. Copper pipe wall hooks 10. His and hers pillow cases


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