Jeff Koons @ Newport St

Oh Jeff, you so crazy. Every day on my commute, my train whizzes past Newport Street Gallery – somewhere I’d never paid much attention to – before I saw a massive Jeff Koons sign plastered on the side of their building. I’ve always been desperate to see Koons’ work in the flesh so I was super keen to go check it out. B and I thought it would be the perfect event to reignite our Sunday Fundays.

First of all the gallery space itself is beautiful, and the only thing wrong with the exhibition was that there wasn’t enough of it! As expected the stainless steel ‘inflatables’ were mind blowing – I’m still not convinced that they weren’t filled with air. I wanted to sneak a squeeze but this would probably result in me swiftly being removed. My favourite piece was the giant blue balloon animal, closely followed by the pile of ‘plasticine’. On arrival we were told you weren’t allowed to take photo’s in gallery three – and when we entered that particular room it was obvious why. Two large images graced the walls of Koons and his wife If it could be described as that?! Anyway it was pretty graphic and I feared for the children roaming the gallery as they are probably now scarred for life. 

The exhibition is on until October 16th, so definitely check it out when you can. It’s free, and is a walkable distance between Vauxhall and Waterloo. Find the website here.













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