Valentine’s picks

I know it’s cheesy but I really do love Valentines Day. I’m a soppy gal anyway, so love buying gifts all through the year (lucky boys) but I think it’s nice having one whole day dedicated to lovey-dovey stuff (even if it is just a way of companies making money). I always get a card and some choc from my dad on Valentines, and it’s a day we’ve always celebrated in my family. I thought I’d just share a few little V-day finds that I thought were cute.. these gift ideas aren’t for the ‘Lad’ type.. but none the less I know they would suit my bearded man-child nicely. I’ve also included some girlie bits below if anyone was looking for sweet little tokens to buy themselves (or for any men that are looking for ideas). Enjoy.


Above: Nintendo Soap / Manly hand shit / Personalised prints / Personalised pillow / Cute beard card / Beer spread / Beard mug

Below: Rainbow instal mini film / Plant makeup bag / Cloud cushion / Macaroon purse
/ Pug necklace / Tinder card / Matchstick necklace



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