Flat update

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Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows how obsessed I am with home interiors and homeware. It is a daily battle not to re-pin hundreds of beautiful homes on to my inspo boards, and I am constantly drooling over items, and fighting to hold back my jealousy of the people that actually live in these places! Moving into our own place was very exciting when it came to buying things and planning the decor, but factors such as cost, space and the fact that our flat is rented – does put a limit on how much you can do. Don’t get me wrong we love our little flat and have totally made it our own. We have slightly neglected the bedroom (as no one really sees it) but it’s next on our list to spruce up and give a bit of personality to. I find Pinterest really useful when it comes to thinking of ways to bring some colour into a primarily white box, and it’s also handy that a lot of pins have links to where you can buy products shown.

Over Christmas we got some great homeware gifts from friends and family (below) and it seems people really know ‘our’ style, which is lovely! We got these amazing copper initials from my cousin which we chose to hang in our kitchen. It really excites me that ‘P & A’ (Polly and Andrew) also spells out ‘Panda’.. mind blown, ay. We also got this super cool lightbulb vase from the boy’s grandparents, this cute ass pillow from his brother and his girlfriend who know I am OBSESSED with sausage dogs, and these cute his and hers ceramic beakers (I use mine to hold my makeup brushes). Thanks guys!

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I wanted to share some cool furniture that has caught my eye recently…
1 // These ‘canvas’ seats certainly don’t look the most comfortable, but I thought they were such a great idea (and space saver!) Also I’m sure you’d need to be under a certain weight, otherwise you might hear a loud rip and you’d suddenly be on the floor…



2 // These chairs are rather creepy, but in the right place could look awesome. They were a collab between Pharrell Williams and designers Domeau & Peres. The chair is called ‘The Perspective’ and come in a range of colours as well as textures. I really want to feel the silky black velvet one! 


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.10.50

3 // I saw these on Pinterest the other day and think they are incredible! These are surrealistic sculptural furniture pieces created by Lila Jang, which look as though they have been taken straight from the living room of Salvador Dali. They are so interesting to look at, and I am dying to try and balance on top of that massive pouf!




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