Killin’ it at the Cereal Cafe

So Saturday morning six of us begrudgingly dragged ourselves out of bed sans lie-in to head to the ‘Cereal Killer Cafe‘ in Shoreditch; the UK’s first cereal cafe. We got there around 11am and there was already a queue coming out of the door, a good sign I guess but sucks when you’re hungry and cold! As we queued (around 40 minutes, but it really didn’t seem that long) we peeked inside to see rows of vintage cereals lining the shelves. Jurassic Park, Simpsons and Flintstones were some of the amazing cereals on display, but we soon realised these ones weren’t to be eaten.. as they were probably empty, let alone years and years old. Yuck. None the less it was cool to relive some childhood memories.




When we got inside there was a board with the longest menu listing over 120 different types of cereal from around the world as well as 30 different varieties of milk and 20 different toppings. There were also other breakfast foods such as toast and pop tarts on sale, and old school American canned drinks like ‘Tab’ and cream soda. The walls were lined with cereal memorabilia – the massive honey monster was my personal fave, and you could also buy cereal themed gifts too. There was almost too much choice cereal-wise (weirdly they also sold ‘normal’ cereals like Shreddies and Alpen – who would chose those?!), but I decided on Reece’s Puffs, with Reece’s Pieces ontop as Reece’s are my FAVE chocolate, and when you’re paying £4+ for a bowl, I refuse to feel guilty for eating chocolate for breakfast! Seating was downstairs, which was decorated with even more amazing cereal-themed goodies, such as framed cereal toys, vintage milk bottles, and cereal bowls made into table lamps. I loved the 80/90s vibe the room had, with old stacked TV’s which were either static, or playing 90s TV shows like ‘Clarissa Explains it all’. The small window was framed by The Simpsons’ trademark sweetcorn curtains, which I was highly jealous of!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.47.38

After we had all taken our much needed cereal-selfies, we tucked in. Mine was delicious! It felt so good to have sugary cereal, after years of ‘healthy’ ones – can I ever go back? The milk was given to you in cute glass bottles (as to not make your cereal soggy), and mine turned lovely and chocolaty thanks to my Reece’s feast. All in all it was a really fun quirky experience. We did grumble about the price, but it is an attraction you’re probably only going to go to once. When we left, the queue was even longer than when we had been in it, so it really is a good idea to head there early. If it was cheaper, and you didn’t have to queue, I would love to go back and sample some other fun cereals.. but for now it’s back to my Shredded Wheat. Boo Hoo!


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.05.22


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.01.21

Thanks to lovely friends @dj_langers_, @kateshmatel and @brownus for letting me use their pics of our day out….
(I was too busy devouring my cereal)


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