Dining on The Titanic

Okay, so I didn’t have dinner on the actual Titanic – but dining at Brasserie Zedél was the closest I’ll probably get to doing so! Situated underground bustling Piccadilly Circus, having dinner at the french brasserie was like stepping back in time and eating along side Jack and Rose. I visited with my family last week for my birthday meal, and seeing as I hadn’t previously heard of the restaurant, I was a bit wary about visiting, but after some much needed Googling I knew the meal would be delicious. On entering at street level, you are greeted with floor to ceiling framed photographs and old hand painted film posters in the beautiful french cafe. Heading downstairs to the restaurant, the place was rammed and although it took a bit of time for our table to be prepared, we were more than happy having some champers at the bar while we waited! When it came to the meal me, B and my mum had steak hache with fries, my dad had a veggie option of a fancy omelette, and my brother had goujons – which looked amaaaazing. We all had the lemon tart for pudding which I suddenly now have a craving for! A live band came on later in the evening, with a lady singing in french to the side of the dining hall. The atmosphere and retro surroundings added to the meal and with a cocktail bar next door as well as a cabaret and jazz room – I will definitely be going back soon, and dragging my friends with me! 




Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 21.22.20

Photo 27-11-2015, 22 33 09




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