A Bubbly Birthday

There’s nothing better than being casually tipsy on a Sunday lunchtime. That was my main thought when planning a ‘bottomless’ Prosecco brunch to celebrate turning 26. I’d been recommended New Street Grill restaurant for a boozy brunch, and looking at the menu online I booked it straight away! For a three course meal teamed with endless prosecco it cost £40 each – which really is a great deal for a slap up meal, not to mention the free flowing drink.

So the Sunday after my birthday me and some friends headed over; hungry and parched. The restaurant is rather fancy inside but cosy and welcoming none the less. It’s nice having a birthday in the run up to Christmas, as by this time of the year most places have all their Christmas decorations up, which made this event feel all the more special! The prosecco starts pouring as soon as you order, and stops when you finish your meal – so I told everyone ‘order quickly and eat slow’ – wise words I think. I think the fact we were given wine glasses for our drink helped explain why we all got a little worse for ware so quickly. The room we were in was SO hot and that teamed with the speed drinking was a dangerous combo. The food was delicious though, fancy but not pretentious and everyone was praising their meals as we ate.

As predicted the brunch wasn’t drama free; with one friend accidentally doused in prosecco by an ever apologising waitress  (to make up for it the waitress agreed to pour the next glass full to the brim, so it was worth the soaking!). And another friend suddenly gaining hulk-like strength and snapping her glass’ stem while waiting for a top up.

We all had a great time and the staff even surprised us all by bringing out a little ‘Happy Birthday’ slate with different pieces of desert and a candle, which was very sweet. We all stumbled on the tube home, nursing our fast developing afternoon hangovers. I was tucked up in bed by nine and couldn’t of been happier! 




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