A colourful Serpentine

On Wednesday evening I went to visit the Serpentine Gallery as the space had been taken over by Michael Craig-Martin, one of my absolute fave artists. I discovered his work when I was at college, and spent many of my Art classes replicating his style and trying to pass it off as my own! I just find his work super fun and colourful, and also get such satisfaction from the crisp line drawings involved.

I’d never actually been to the Serpentine before, but based within Hyde Park it was quite an experience getting there in the dark. It was quite odd to see the clean white gallery lit up in the middle of the pitch black park, but what a lovely setting none the less. The space is small but worked really well for MCM and the candy pink rooms were my favourite. It’s a great place to visit on a gloomy day and you will definitely come out feeling happier after the colour overload! The exhibition is free and on until January so pop in for a bit of culture on your way to Winter Wonderland! 










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