2014 mega fun stuff so far.

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Lazy Oaf Garfield Collection //launch night. Thanks to my lovely friend Emily at Lazy Oaf, I went along to the launch night of their Garfield collaboration a couple of months ago. I am such a huge Lazy Oaf fan and after last year’s Looney Tunes collab launch I was so excited to attend this event. Hoxton’s arches were transformed into a real life look-book, with models posing on colourful sets, while we walked around and admiring the collection (and of course the models themselves). Lazy Oaf always go out of their way to create such quirky and fun events and this one was no different. I don’t know how the models managed to keep a straight face with us gawking at them and taking photos, but it was really such a unique idea which only L.O could pull off so well. Around the corner from these live sets were the booze & shop area where you could browse and buy the Garfield collection as well as grab a cocktail and a mini lasagne or cat shaped pancake from the good people of The Breakfast Club. It was a really fun night and I can’t wait for the next one.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.08.43


Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.08.09

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.09.51

New Designers 2014//exhibition. One of my best friends was picked to be a part of the New Designers Exhibition this year. I’ve never been before, but was blown away when I got there. Students from different Universities got to display their work to potential employers, buyers and manufacturers to private collectors and design enthusiasts. It was so much fun walking around looking at everyone’s work (I’m nosy like that) and made me pine for my art school days. I especially liked some of the illustration work, as it reminded me of our Illustration Exhibition back when I was at Camberwell.. good times. My friend was showing her rebrand of the lingerie line ‘Belle’, and acted like a proud mum, making her pose in front of her stand for cringe photos. There were also interactive pieces where you were encouraged to take part to create the art – we liked colouring in the drawing box, and there was a piece that was only visible once you used a hairdryer on it. I did envy all the students, as back when I was at Uni I hadn’t even heard of this event, and there were awards given out with such prizes up to £1000, as well as an internship at Sky! Pfft.. (that’s me being jealous). All in all it was really fun and interesting, and there’s no doubt some of the people there are going to go on to big things.



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Pick Me Up//art fair. Every year I say I’ll go to Pick Me Up, so this year I finally made the journey to Somerset House. The exhibition was huge with so much to look at (I must have taken a few hundred photos) and I was in awe of some of the pieces on display. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a few ‘I could do that’ moments looking around, but on a whole the quality of work was brilliant, and I came away wanting to go back and re-do my Graphics degree. I especially liked the work which was on show in individual rooms, which themselves had been designed and curated to suit the work displayed (check out my pic of the beaut palm leaf wall – flat inspo or what). We also took part in a drawing workshop where they played different music on loop and you could design your own record sleeve.. ours were awful and instead of taking our photo with them for the Pick Me Up Instagram page, we quickly ran away when the organisers weren’t looking. Smooth. We had a lot of fun and I definitely came away feeling inspired. And again, wishing I was back at art school.


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Martin Creed//exhibition. Earlier this year I was suddenly seeing all these photos on social media of what seemed like people drowning in a sea of balloons, and was determined to get involved. This ‘balloon room’ was a part of the Martin Creed exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, and was exactly that – a room filled to the brim with white balloons, that you could go run around in… for no reason other than it was fun. And fun it was! Except from the occasional near heart attacks I suffered whenever a balloon would accidentally pop, it was an amazing experience, and when else are you going to get to be in a situation like this?! You are in the balloon room with other people, so it was a bit dangerous to be running around when you could suddenly be smacked in the face by a stranger with the same idea – but this kind of added to the fun. As the exhibition had been open for a while when we went, the balloons seemed to have picked up a lot of stray hairs, which was slightly disgusting, so we tried to run away from the more hairy balloons. Downstairs from the balloon room there were lots of other ‘art works’ by Creed on display. I use the term ‘art works’ lightly as they were made up of among other things, a fart machine going off on loop, a door opening and closing, bits of paper scrunched up and random cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. OH and a special screening room showing a film of a woman doing a poop. Oh Martin, you so cray-zee. It was such a fun exhibition to go to, and if it ever makes another appearance I will be first in line.

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Martin Creed at Hayward Gallery


Flying the nest


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One thing I slightly regret in life is not having the proper ‘Uni Experience’. Sure if I didn’t stay at home to go to Camberwell to do my Art Foundation I would never have gotten into LCC to do my Graphic&Media Design course, meaning I would never have gotten the jobs I’ve been lucky to have had since graduating. But the seeing countless pictures on Facebook of my friends having fun  in new cities with new friends quite frankly broke my heart a little at first. I’ve always been surrounded by a group and to suddenly be on your own in a situation was a little daunting. Sure I have a great home life, with my brother being one of my best mates, and super laid back parents who are more like friends to me. But living at home when everyone has moved away is not the nicest thing.

In second year I moved out for a little bit to Peckham (not as scary as people think) with my lovely friends Anna and George, to live with them and their other friends James and Lewis. Although it was nice to be doing something different and living closer to London, my weekend job back home meant that I was staying at my parents Friday to Sunday – so I didn’t ever really feel like I had moved out properly. We had a lot of fun – although living with boys had its downfalls (once when the loo roll ran out I found an old Metro paper had been being used instead. Yummy).

Since those uni days it has been lovely having people back around, and introducing old friends to the new, as well as meeting my old friend’s new ones has been fun too. So apart from paying (a very small) rent, living at home now doesn’t seem so bad. So why am I now moving out?

As much as I love my beautiful room (when it’s not covered in clothes) and having dinner on the table when I get home from work, I’ve always said I want to move out properly before my 25th birthday. This is apparently something that I told my now boyfriend on one of our first dates, so I’m not sure if that had stuck in his mind all this time but come September (two months shy of my 25th) we’ll be moving in together.

Naturally before we’ve even found a flat, my Pinterest has been filling up of decor ideas and nick-nacks to buy. My room at home is already filled with fun quirky bits and bobs, art and photos – and this is the same kind of look I’d like in the new place.

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 14.12.39

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 14.16.16

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 14.17.38

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 14.18.52

Now obviously our budget is almost non existent for fancy furnishings, but one thing we have both agreed on is that we are going to have a picture wall. Black frames are cheap to buy and between us we have a nice collection of things to be framed (it helps we are both Designers). Here is some Picture wall inspo I have found..

photo 5

photo wall



Aren’t they beautiful! Another thing I’m looking forward to is getting some nice plants in (God I sound old) – and really want a cactus! Plants are also a good idea to test my responsibility as my dream plan is to get a sausage dog and name him Ralph(!) so this obviously wouldn’t be the best idea if I can’t even look after a few plants. We’ll be together one day Ralph!




So obviously the dream would be to kit out the flat from Zara Home and live like millionaires. But sadly we’re not. So I’ve been looking at some cheaper stores and exploring what cheaper alternatives there are. One shop which I think is highly overlooked for homewares is Wilkinson. There’s a massive one in Kingston that I’ve been to a few times, and their homewares are great. You’d never know they were discount (and cheaper than Ikea). Here are a few lovely things I found on their website:

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 14.03.35

I’m loving all the glassware – well plastic-ware, and those ice cream bowls I think are very Zara-esc. Ah imagine your keys in that palm leaf bowl.. dreamy. Another gold mine for home bits is Tiger. We found a massive one near our hotel in Barcelona recently and popped in – the items in there are a lot more fun and colourful and you will more than likely come away with something you don’t need but couldn’t resist. Here are my picks:

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 14.06.16

One thing I know we will struggle with is finding enough room for all our stuff. I have a lot of girlie things – clothes, shoes, makeup etc which need a place to live. And these along with furniture and a lot of boys clothes – not to mention enough Vans to open a shoe shop – means we will have to be clever with storage. We will have two of the Ikea classic cubby hole shelving units, and thought we could tip it on it’s side and fill it with all our arty fart books like below..(colour blocking needs to happen too!) I also spotted these mega cute corner units from Ikea, which are such a good idea, and I’m sure my future cactus could find a home on top of it.

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 16.19.05

After only two years working in Magazines, I have already accumulated copious amounts of discount beauty sale items (who can say no to £1 MAC lipsticks?!) – so much so that my ‘favourites’ have taken up a whole chest of draw’s top draw, with my others filed away in bags and containers dotted around my room. Of course having enough makeup and beauty products to last a life time is never a bad thing, but sorting out what to take with me will be hard. After seeing Kate‘s post on her blog gh0stparties.com I let out a little squeal, and I think you’ll realise why.




This magical desk is from Ikea, and while may not be cheap, would definitely be something on my wish list/birthday list/Christmas list.. or worth saving up for. If all else fails there’s always this genius idea..


All in all I am very excited about the move. Sure it may be stressful now trying to find somewhere we both can call home, and of course all the initial money issues, but I’m sure once we settle in (and get some lovely stuff) we will be really happy in our own little pad.

+ Photographs taken from: babble.com / homelife.com / myscandnavianhome.blogspot.se / gh0stparties.com / numerous found on Pinterest.com