2014 mega fun stuff so far.

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Lazy Oaf Garfield Collection //launch night. Thanks to my lovely friend Emily at Lazy Oaf, I went along to the launch night of their Garfield collaboration a couple of months ago. I am such a huge Lazy Oaf fan and after last year’s Looney Tunes collab launch I was so excited to attend this event. Hoxton’s arches were transformed into a real life look-book, with models posing on colourful sets, while we walked around and admiring the collection (and of course the models themselves). Lazy Oaf always go out of their way to create such quirky and fun events and this one was no different. I don’t know how the models managed to keep a straight face with us gawking at them and taking photos, but it was really such a unique idea which only L.O could pull off so well. Around the corner from these live sets were the booze & shop area where you could browse and buy the Garfield collection as well as grab a cocktail and a mini lasagne or cat shaped pancake from the good people of The Breakfast Club. It was a really fun night and I can’t wait for the next one.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.08.43


Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.08.09

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.09.51

New Designers 2014//exhibition. One of my best friends was picked to be a part of the New Designers Exhibition this year. I’ve never been before, but was blown away when I got there. Students from different Universities got to display their work to potential employers, buyers and manufacturers to private collectors and design enthusiasts. It was so much fun walking around looking at everyone’s work (I’m nosy like that) and made me pine for my art school days. I especially liked some of the illustration work, as it reminded me of our Illustration Exhibition back when I was at Camberwell.. good times. My friend was showing her rebrand of the lingerie line ‘Belle’, and acted like a proud mum, making her pose in front of her stand for cringe photos. There were also interactive pieces where you were encouraged to take part to create the art – we liked colouring in the drawing box, and there was a piece that was only visible once you used a hairdryer on it. I did envy all the students, as back when I was at Uni I hadn’t even heard of this event, and there were awards given out with such prizes up to £1000, as well as an internship at Sky! Pfft.. (that’s me being jealous). All in all it was really fun and interesting, and there’s no doubt some of the people there are going to go on to big things.



10487239_10154489795920221_5843386028060032458_n copy

10487239_10154489795920221_5843386028060032458_n copy copy3

Pick Me Up//art fair. Every year I say I’ll go to Pick Me Up, so this year I finally made the journey to Somerset House. The exhibition was huge with so much to look at (I must have taken a few hundred photos) and I was in awe of some of the pieces on display. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a few ‘I could do that’ moments looking around, but on a whole the quality of work was brilliant, and I came away wanting to go back and re-do my Graphics degree. I especially liked the work which was on show in individual rooms, which themselves had been designed and curated to suit the work displayed (check out my pic of the beaut palm leaf wall – flat inspo or what). We also took part in a drawing workshop where they played different music on loop and you could design your own record sleeve.. ours were awful and instead of taking our photo with them for the Pick Me Up Instagram page, we quickly ran away when the organisers weren’t looking. Smooth. We had a lot of fun and I definitely came away feeling inspired. And again, wishing I was back at art school.


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Martin Creed//exhibition. Earlier this year I was suddenly seeing all these photos on social media of what seemed like people drowning in a sea of balloons, and was determined to get involved. This ‘balloon room’ was a part of the Martin Creed exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, and was exactly that – a room filled to the brim with white balloons, that you could go run around in… for no reason other than it was fun. And fun it was! Except from the occasional near heart attacks I suffered whenever a balloon would accidentally pop, it was an amazing experience, and when else are you going to get to be in a situation like this?! You are in the balloon room with other people, so it was a bit dangerous to be running around when you could suddenly be smacked in the face by a stranger with the same idea – but this kind of added to the fun. As the exhibition had been open for a while when we went, the balloons seemed to have picked up a lot of stray hairs, which was slightly disgusting, so we tried to run away from the more hairy balloons. Downstairs from the balloon room there were lots of other ‘art works’ by Creed on display. I use the term ‘art works’ lightly as they were made up of among other things, a fart machine going off on loop, a door opening and closing, bits of paper scrunched up and random cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. OH and a special screening room showing a film of a woman doing a poop. Oh Martin, you so cray-zee. It was such a fun exhibition to go to, and if it ever makes another appearance I will be first in line.

10177478_10154136134025221_1268590299_n copy


Martin Creed at Hayward Gallery


Trends I’ll never pull off #1 – Mermaid

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I am ashamed to say I have never watched The Little Mermaid all the way through. There are actually a lot of Disney films I’ve never watched (sorry Mickey) – but none as on trend as TLM and if Ariel was around for real I’m sure she would highly approve of the mermaid trend. Like a magpie I am drawn to all things shiny, so this trend full of iridescent skirts, holographic heels and pastel washed hair has me a bit hot under the collar. Don’t get me wrong, I like a girl with mint hair as much as the next person, but I don’t think I’d attempt this look myself..probably because the last time I went blonde ended up with half my hair falling out (true story). But super ‘cool’ salons such as Bleach London are now infamous for their rainbow dyes. Looking through their website at the endless pictures of pretentious teenagers with barbie pink hair, I found their ‘Prom Zine’, which I actually rather love. Styled like an embarrassing 80s school year book, the girls hair are dyed colours that My Little Pony would be proud of.

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 17.17.36 Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 17.31.27

I’m sure you could recreate these looks at home, avoiding the ridiculous hairdresser costs and attitudes (although you won’t get those delicious little biscuits..) and Bleach even sell their products in the larger Boots stores. This would probably involve you bleaching your hair (agh) then toning it, then adding the colour. This would cause all sorts of problems for us dark haired gals, so I think I’d only attempt if you’re mousey or lighter. This ‘Sea Punk’ green is a beaut though. Although it has now become normalised by celebs such as Kylie Kardash, and Katy Perry; I have always loved the idea of green hair since watching ‘Ghost World’. Thora Birch is a mega babe, and the green hair just made her 10x better.

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 14.22.21

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 17.02.00

There are so many beautiful iridescent and holographic bits around that all shout Mermaid to me. I think its the pearly colours and shimmer that remind me of my favourite books as a kid – The Rainbow Fish. One brand that has created a Mermaid dream range around this theme is Tatty Devine. Tatty is one of my favourite companies, and I had the pleasure of working there for a bit a couple of years ago. All their collections are fun and quirky and this one is no different. All the jewellery is hand made in either their Kent or Shoreditch studios and hand lovingly wrapped and packaged if ordered online. I was based in the Shoreditch office, and utterly loved my time there. It was such a fun company to work for and gave me a real insight into how a jewellery company works (it was also a plus that someone in the office was a keen baker and brought in the most amazing cakes!) The days were busy and my desk looked like a bomb site, but working in such a creative environment was something I really enjoyed. Long live team Tatty. Here are some of my fave pieces, and a little edit of other great Mermaid-esc finds..

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 16.26.25

mermaid edit3

So if you’re going to have coloured hair, shimmering clothes and pearlescent jewellery, you may as well complete the look with some blue skin. Anyone, blue skin..? No…? Oh well suit yourselves. If you haven’t already seen it, MS MR (awesome New York based duo) member Lizzie rocks the blue skin look in their video ‘Hurricane’, watch the video here. This teamed with her candy floss hair is just such a great look. It’s kind of like hipster smurf. Which is obviously always going to be a good look.. 



Fashion vs Food

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Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 15.23.33

What are two of my favourite things? Hmm fashion & food.Well guess what, Wardrobe V Pantry combine the two (drools and doesn’t care who sees). 

Although browsing through WvP is rather dangerous as it makes me A) want to shop, and B) hungry – WvP is visually beautiful, and is very much design porn of the delicious kind. What I also like about WvP is that some of the matches aren’t in your face obvious.. they may pick out one colour,a composition or a texture and make a match. These food/fashion combo’s are much more dignified and chic than renting a banana suit.







Food and fashion has always been linked (not so much the models eating), and one of my favourite fashion/food combo’s were the Couture Cupcakes created by Lisa Edsalv, with each cupcake representing a different fashion house. I like the Betsy Johnson ones the most, yet would definitely stuff about five of the Louis Vuitton cupcakes in my mouth at once.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 16.10.23

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 16.10.28

Most recently the Macdonald’s inspired Moshcino collection blew my mind. I love how fun and silly it is, yet painfully cool. The collection is bladdy amazing though, just look at the accessories. The bags! Wah! The only downfall with this novelty fashion is once you wear an item, people will notice when you wear it again. So it may only see daylight once in a blue moon, to keep the originality. It also was highly entertaining seeing which celebrities tried-but-failed to pull it off. Poor dears (I’m looking at you Rita..)

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 15.59.21
Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 16.01.01

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 16.43.13

As for me sadly I don’t have the funds for these Maccy D beauties, but when it really comes to Food vs Fashion, there’s one staple that I can always afford that will never go out of fashion.. the candy bracelet.


Summer Shoes


Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like summer, and summer doesn’t like me.
I am a winter girl through and through and the thought of baring all in the London sun, riding a packed 9.11 to Waterloo while my makeup drips off my face is not something I get excited about. Sure there are perks to Summer in England.. trips to Brighton, eating copious amounts of ice cream to ‘cool down’ and my neighbours endless BBQ’s (which I am always invited to). But when it comes to fashion I would much rather be in a cosy coat, leggings and Chelsea boots.

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 11.10.54

My aversion to summer doesn’t stop me buying summer clothes though. Oh no no. Any excuse to spend £140 in Primark – yes this happened recently, and this year I have discovered my kimono obsession, (of which I now own six) but mostly the passion I have for summer shoes.

See when it comes to shoes I am a collector…
I own shoes I have never worn as they are works of art in my eyes but too painful to wear.
I own shoes that I have physically scarred my feet due to wearing them for fashion over practicality.
I own shoes that I have insisted on buying even though I have them in another colour/slightly different style/bigger heel/one stud less… you get the idea.
But I think why I love shoes so much is because your feet are consistent. They don’t gain or lose weight (unless you’re a pregnant Kim K) so you can pretty much pick up a shoe in your size and they will fit. Also if you’re addicted to black clothing like me then a beut pair of shoes can tie a whole outfit together and bring some excitement to a goth-like ensemble.

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 11.08.44

Now I can’t think of anything more vom-inducing than a pair of flip flops (I still don’t understand how people find them comfortable), so while trailing the internet for alternatives, this summer I have been most impressed with ASOS for sandals.
[Side note: Someone once told me a girl pronounced ASOS as ‘a-s-o-s’ literally spelling out the letters.. hah.]
A theme I found running through the sandal section was monochrome. I’ll take white as a colour, if it means I can wear it with black, so off I went to chose some foot fun. Here’s some that caught my eye…and what I eventually purchased.




Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 11.10.23
My ASOS beauties

There are also some fab summer shoes from LaModa, as beautiful as they are they are not for the faint hearted. And if you fall over and break your ankle while wearing them then at least you’ll look fabulous on the way down.