The best of Etsy #1


Being an ex-art school kid, so I’m not a stranger to seeing people create quirky, original bits and bobs. I would absolutely love to do something with my illustration background – setting up a greeting card company has been a long-term dream of mine..! And maybe when I’m rich and have time to leisurely doodle the odd card I can actually get something started. But until then I will just have to sit tight and admire the creativity of the Etsy gang. For anyone that’s been living under a rock, ‘Etsy’ is an online market place website, where anyone can play shop keep, selling their items – which are usually the hand-made/crafty type. One Etsy store that has been a firm favourite with us for a few years now is ‘oh gosh Cindy!’. Cindy creates beautiful watercolour illustrations of popular culture figureheads, complete with a banner of their catch phrase or famous one liners.

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 15.17.55

Etsy has always intrigued me. The number of times my online basket has been full and at the last minute I’ve come to my senses, realising that maybe that ‘I love Pizza’ necklace from Japan probably isn’t an essential buy. I feel a bit like the loser kid not invited to the party when it comes to Etsy. I’m desperate to get involved (being creative and all) but have no idea where I’d fit in, or have to offer…a lock of hair perhaps?
When it comes to ‘Oh gosh Cindy’ though, I am much more decisive and certain. I proudly own a Miley Cyrus print, which sits pretty, framed in my room, while my brother owns countless prints including ones of La Roux, Amy Polher as Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec and Dr Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror.

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As well as prints, Cindy sells her paintings on greeting cards (shakes fist in jealousy) and phone cases. When delivered, her goodies are beautifully packaged and a hand written note by Cindy herself makes you feel like she painted it just for you! Thanks Cind.. you’re a babe.



So while Cindy is basically living my dream, I have been doing a few bits and bobs on the side, but just for fun. I created an illustrated and hand-bound book as a mini side gift for my boyfriend’s birthday, making light of the fact I was going to be on holiday when he turned 29 (whoops, although in all fairness we weren’t going out when I booked it!) I thought of creating personalised books like this for people, but really it’s down to the demand.. (NB: His nickname with his friends is ‘Bear’ as.. well.. he looks like a bear?)




So maybe one day I will start up my lil’ Etsy store, but for the mean time I’m happy to sit back and creep on Cindy’s success. Her store is constantly being updated with celebrity moments; naturally I’m drawn to the Kim K print next – as it’s nice to know there’s another ugly crier out there…