September Wishlist

Seeing as we move into the new flat on MONDAY (caps for added excitement) my September Wishlist is mostly home ware based. The thrill of opening our new toaster and kettle deliveries the other morning confirmed that yes; I am officially old. But at the same time I feel it’s nice to feel so passionate about your own little space and want it to be as presentable and as ‘you’ as possible (or in our case ‘us’). Spending far too much time on Pinterest and décor blogs has filled me with inspiration for what the feel I want our tiny flat to possess – you may remember my ‘flying the nest’ post (here) which was written before we actually found our dream flat. But now having found it it has been great to plan what can go where and how we want each room.

The flat is a new build so having all white walls, is the perfect blank canvas. We’ve come up with a lame moto of ‘muted colours, graphic prints’ – you’d never guess we were both designers.. so buying a delicious grey sofa echoed the neutral look of the flat, leaving room for us to add colour and print through throws and cushions later on. The sofa was half price at DFS (NB: There is always a sale at DFS) and came in many different colours. We popped in store before buying the sofa to ‘test’ it out, and it is a bum’s dream! So comfy and cosy, and the canvas like material is really soft too. The armrests are low enough to act as a head rest if lying down on it (something i thought was important as we’re bound to have a lot of friends crash). The woman at DFS who I dealt with over the phone was really friendly and happy. She sounded exactly like comedienne Sarah Millican, so in my mind I just imagined it was her, which made the whole process more entertaining! 

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 14.05.39

Right that’s the boring sofa talk done, now onto the fun stuff. Let’s start with these fun colourful wooden utensils. I saw them featured on the website a while ago, and again on Pinterest and thought they would be a great way to brighten up what are probably the most boring staple of any kitchen. Using paint and masking tape, these colourful patterns would be easy to create and are just a simple way to bring some colour into the kitchen. I especially love the fluro colours used, although we have settled on a teal / green theme for our kitchen so not too sure if a more muted tone would be more fitting.


Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 12.18.24

In honour of Sickly Sundae, I have been drawn to all things ice cream related. It was this light fixture (below) that started it off, and from there I’ve kept an eye out for anything of the same theme. I managed to pick up this adorable ice cream scoop from the Sainsbury’s sale (I didn’t realise they had sales either..) for a measly 61p! Utter bargs if you ask me. We will be attempting to stay clear of heavy ice cream consumption once we move in, but at least we can use the excuse of ‘getting our 61p’s worth’ when we fancy a bowl full.

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 14.18.11

Going back to the ol’ DIY, the next wishlist item is the God of all craft tools… Washi Tape! Washi tape is basically coloured / patterned tape that can be used for decorative use. Some people may not see the point in it, but there are so many creative ways it can be used. I think it’d be particularly useful for people who live in rented accommodation like us, as the tape isn’t permanent and can be unstuck at ease, leaving no trace it was ever there.

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 13.23.16


Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 13.22.02




Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 13.20.56

One thing non-flat related that got my attention lately were these cuter than cute rubber stamps! After researching for my Etsy post, I found them under the seller ‘Talk to the sun’. They sell tons of different styles, shapes and objects, and after seeing how stamps could be used to decorate wrapping paper (via – I was sold! When it comes to people’s birthdays I love going all out and I think these mini stamps could be lovely to create bespoke wrapping paper and cards. Also with moving out and all, could work out to be a lot cheaper!

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 15.29.09

And now, there is only one word. Pineapple! I have made my home ware-pineapple love apparent before, as I own the white ceramic pineapple from Joy, and since then I’ve seen a rise in pineapple themed objects. Popping into Urban Outfitters in Guldford lately, I saw two items that are now on my radar. One was a rather pricey gold pineapple lamp at £70 (pfft) and the other a more reasonable gold jewellary holder at £25. I also papped these adorbs gold and silver pineapple frames from Paperchase. I really can’t wait to move in now!

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 15.05.52

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