SA – Cape road trip

Now this post is overdue by a few weeks, and I think I’ve been putting off writing as I don’t want to believe our South African adventure is well and truly over. Two of our lovely friends were getting married in Durban this summer so B and I as well as two other couples decided to turn the trip into a mega holiday and visit many other places in SA while we had the chance.

Instead of blabbing on about how amazing the trip was (it was fricken’ amazing) – I’d let the photo’s do the talking and just recap on a few things we did along the way. Every day was jam packed and we literally didn’t have one lie in the whole trip. The day after we arrived, four of us took a road trip all the way down the coast of the Cape, stopping on the way at a lovely beach at Mariner’s Wharf and then again a bit further on for lunch at ‘Live Bait’ in Kalk Bay. The restaurant was perched right on the waters edge, with views of the ocean and waves lapping up to the windows. We even spotted some seals lounging around. This was our first real experience of how cheap things are for us Brits in SA. With 24 Rand to the Pound – we were pretty much loaded. This meal which was definitely more on the fine dining end of the spectrum and yet only came to around £10 each – crazy! 






Next stop was to Boulders Bay to see the penguins! When planning the trip I really couldn’t imagine penguins in South Africa, it just didn’t seem right! You pay a small fee to go out onto this wooden boardwalk, where you can see out across the water and then to a little beach where all the penguins are gathered lapping up the sun and being their cute little selves. They were so damn adorable, it’s a shame we weren’t allowed to actually be on the beach with them – but this was probably for the best as I definitely would have stolen one of the lil’ fellas. 





We then jumped back in the car and headed south down to Cape Point, which is one of the most south-westerly points of South Africa. We climbed to the top to see the amazing views across the ocean. Looking out, the next point of land is Antartica – which is crazy to think about! There’s a lighthouse at the top and a sign post telling you how far away different countries are. This was cool except there was a queue of tourists waiting to pose with it. It was really windy up there, and teamed with my fear of heights I definitely stayed close to the lighthouse rather than peer over the edge. I’m glad we went up there though.. the views really were incredible.






Cape of Good Hope was next on the agenda, which to get to we had to drive through a national park which homed ostriches and baboons. Baboons are so dangerous and we were told not to open the car windows when they’re around, and to lock the car door – as apparently they know how to open them! Scary.. We parked up right on the coast and it was truly beautiful as the sun set. Waves were crashing on the rocks and it just felt very peaceful there. Nature yo. 





It was such an amazing day and was actually my favourite day of the whole trip. It sounds cheesy but I’ll never forget the views and beauty we witnessed, it was a great start to the trip and we were excited for what the rest of the holiday had to offer! 


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