Jurrasic Par

After living in New Malden for a year and a half you’d think I’d know the area pretty well. When people ask where I live, I’m quick to let them know about how New Malden is the largest Korean settlement in Europe – resulting in many (and I mean many) delicious Korean restaurants right on my doorstep. Food aside, there is one main attraction New Malden offers which I haven’t had a chance to experience before today… Jurassic Encounter Adventure! Aka, dinosaur mini golf!

Situated just off the A3 (classy) hidden away is this Dino mini-golf, and four of us went to explore to see what this magical place had to offer. With 18 holes to play, it took us a good hour to get through the course – stopping for a bit longer every time as the set ups got more and more difficult. There were some whoops moments where balls went flying off course and had to be retrieved from bushes, but for a while I was on a surprising lucky streak near the beginning of play, getting each shot within two goes of putting. But alas nothing lasts forever and I ended up coming last overall. Thank god I’m not competitive! 

It was a lovely sunny day and being around all the foliage and water in the heat, surrounded by…dinosaurs… it really felt like we were somewhere tropical – and not just off an A road! It was a fun mid morning activity and if you’re ever in the area I really would recommend stopping by. Dare I say… it was rawr-some. 






DSCF2639 copy







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