So I finally got off my lazy bum and started up a lil’ brand called ‘POMS’. I’ve wanted to start up a lil’ biz for a while, but wondered what to do. Some of my early ‘attempts’ of making money included when I was six, sitting in my front garden selling my drawings of trees to anyone that walked past, selling Pokemon cards trying to make a profit – of which I had a little more luck seeing as I had some right gooduns.. and then when I was around eleven I did try and sell popcorn out of our garage to the kids on my road… Lord Sugar eat your heart out! Now days I see so many great hand-made things being sold on fun websites like ohhdeer.com and of course etsy, and I’ve wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I would have loved to create greetings cards, but so many are available; and I feel something like a card is easier bought there and then in a shop, than ordered online. 

So with cards out the window I thought maybe something fashiony… I love ma fashion bits but obviously can’t sew, so then I thought maybe something to do with jewellery. Working briefly at Tatty Devine it was great to see how a jewellery studio worked, and what went into creating the brand and products. I had an idea for POMS a while a go, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and get the ball rolling! Telling one of my friends about the venture, she asked what ‘POMS’ stood for.. obviously it was just a name influenced by the fact the earrings have pom-poms on, but when discussing it again, my other friend plainly said ‘POMS – POlly Makes Stuff’ – Mind blown! Wish I had meant to be that clever. I’ve had a lot of fun setting up my etsy shop, making all the graphics and of course creating the actual products. I wanted to create something fun and on trend, but also something quirky that I haven’t seen on the market. I thought if I saw someone wearing POMS I’d wonder where they were from, which is the idea. You can choose from either gold or silver hoops, in a range of sizes S/M/L/XL and then pick the pom pom colour you want from a range of bright and colourful choices! Each pair is wrapped in coloured tissue paper and comes with a little message. Pomtastic! 

So anyway, presenting my new lil’ etsy shop POMS. Shop them here.

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