(Late) October Wishlist: Birthday Edition

[To get the full effect of this post please watch this prior to reading on ——> Sing a long]

So this month’s wishlist is my Birthday Wishlist – woop woop! I’ll be turning the big 2-5 (eep) on November 25th.. something I’ve actually come to terms with and am actually looking forward to now. When it comes to Birthdays, I’ve never understood people that ‘hate a fuss’ – screw that! It’s the one day of the year people should be celebrating that you exist! As a kid, my brother and I always had amazing birthday parties; my best ever one was a Flintstones theme, and my parents even got Dino the dinosaur to attend (I found out later in life this was just a man in a costume – who would have known..) and we all dressed up as our fave characters. When I was around 15 I had a Pharrell Williams cake, and then again the next year – I seriously LOVED him! Now that I’m older the only thing that’s changed birthday wise is that alcohol is involved, a lot of alcohol. I still love going all out for it, and telling anyone that will listen that it’s my special day!  Seeing as I’m super poor at the mo, I’m being even more of a brat and really looking forward to receiving some goodies, so here are a few bits I’ve found that have caught my eye for the occasion. Happy Shopping….


1: ASOS black fur collar 2: Anatomy of a Dashshund Cushion 3: The Small Print Pizza iPhone Case 4: Gold Michael Kors watch with pink face 5: MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation 6: SHORE Projects watch in ‘Portland’ 7: Biscuit Cushions 8: Mona Mara gold peace hand necklace 9: MAC Natural Radiance base primer 10: ASOS oversized black checked scarf