Good Eats #2

A girl can only go out to eat so many times a month, but I think I finally have a few new fab restaurants to share for my ‘Good Eats’ blog feature. Due to being poor now that I’ve moved out, and also thanks to the boy being an uhhmazing cook; we have been eating in a lot more and cooking lots. It helps that we live opposite two delicious Korean restaurants – so many a takeaway has been devoured too. So here are four new places I have ventured to in the last couple of months, which I thought were worth sharing..

Mishkin’s // Mishkins was in the ‘London Meat’ book we have at home so we thought we’d test it out. Mishkin’s calls itself ‘A kind of Jewish deli but with cocktails’ – how could anyone resist?! Being of the Jewish variety, I have sampled a lot of deli food in my time, and with my mum and grandma being amazing when it comes to such delicacies as chicken soup (aka Jewish penicillin) and cheese cake, I wondered what Mishkin’s would have to offer that I didn’t already know.

First of all the actual restaurant is pretty snazzy. It’s like a new take on an old deli/diner you may find in North London. Very cool. Then again us Jewesses are very cool.. I ordered the salt beef mac’n’cheese, and the boy got the salt beef sandwich and chips. There was a bit of a salt beef theme on our table basically. The food was really good, so good that I could only manage half of my mac’n’cheese, it was SO filling (in a good way), the kind of ‘roll me home, I can’t physically walk’ filling! The salt beef sandwich was also massive, but was apparently super tasty. I don’t think I had a try, due to the previously mentioned fullness.

I would love to go and sample dessert, and also try their chicken soup as I’d like to see their take on it (I feel very strongly towards our chicken soup, and am very protective of it…) I hope to head back asap, but will definitely be skipping breakfast and lunch in order to make room!


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Hawksmoor // For our six month anniversary (it seems so much longer?!) I was surprised with dinner at Hawksmoor Guildhall. It’s never really crossed my mind to visit, as Hawksmoor is known for it’s steak and I’m not a massive red meat eater.. this didn’t stop my excitement though. The actual restaurant resembles a luxury gentleman’s club (not the stripper variety); dark and atmospheric with lots of wood and plush leather furniture. We ordered a lot, as you know.. YOLO.. and I cannot explain how utterly beautiful the food was. We ordered a steak each (when in Rome..), triple fried chips (TRIPLE!), creamed spinach, a bottle of wine and some bone marrow. Let me make it clear I did not try any of the bone marrow, and it was not my idea to order it – the thought makes me want to vom, and to be honest I tried to divert my eyes when it landed on our table. But the rest of the food was heaven. Hawksmoor has 100% converted me to steak, and those triple fried chips were the best chips I have ever tasted. The thought of them now brings on a bit of a drool situation. The only reason I wouldn’t go back any time soon is the cost. For our feast it cost us £120, the quality of the food and the experience is worth it, but I won’t be popping back casually until I win the lottery.

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Voodoo Ray’s // Voodoo Ray’s is a pizza by the slice joint that I popped into with some friends before we attended a Simpsons Quiz next door on Kingsland High Street. I haven’t been to any ‘by the slice’ pizza places since being in the US, so was looking forward to trying Voodoo Ray’s out. There are loads of delicious pizzas on display that you can choose from, all massive – so no stingy portions thank god. We got two slices each, which subsequently needed two separate plates (fatty alert) and tucked in. The pizza was delish and definitely more of an american style – which is obviously the best. The actual place was hipster central, which is what I’d expect from that area of London, but I had no shame in tucking in to my food hands first! I think we spent near to £13 each, which I think is fine. I can imagine it gets busy in there at weekends, and due to limited seating you may want to aim for ‘£2.50 slice Monday’. VR don’t have a proper website but they do have a super fun instagram here: @voodoorays

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Blackfoot // We went to Blackfoot last weekend and were excited for all things pig! A self described ‘Pork Restaurant’, Blackfoot is based on Exmouth Market in Farringdon and celebrates piggies by turning them into delicious meals such as ribs, tacos and burgers. Nom. What I thought was an added bonus about Blackfoot was that the staff were so friendly, something you don’t witness often in Central, and also the interior of BF was awesome. It was like eating in your grandma’s 70’s living room, there was loads to look at and really felt like you were back in time! Of course it was mega is Farringdon after all. The food was great, we ordered ribs, pulled pork tacos and chips as well as crackling (don’t tell the rabbi!). The crackling was far too salty for me though so didn’t enjoy it that much. Washed down with a ‘Dark and Stormy’ – I basically love any drink with ginger in it – it was a fun experience and I’d definitely go back soon. I think the meal cost around £20 each, which is okay.. it’s a bit too far for me to go back in a hurry but I’d love to try some other bits on the menu next year!

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