Feelin’ keen for 2015

You know what; I’m going to say it.. I think 2014 has been my best year so far. Big statement I know, but my life has changed completely within twelve months, and for the better. 2014 saw me meet a lovely boy, then decide after five months to move in together, I turned 25 (don’t remind me though), I had my one year anniversary at my job, ticked Barcelona off my list of places to visit as well as travelled to LA spontaneously (deep breath) and have met so many new and lovely people as well as get some old ones back! Before you vom due to all this happy talk, I wanted to share with you my new years resolutions. Last year I didn’t make any due to the fact that I knew I wouldn’t keep any of them. This year I still have my doubts, but I’m more determined to give it a go and see what happens. I feel now that the basics of my life seem to be in order, I can focus on some other bits. SO, let’s do this. 

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 13.58.11

Expand POMS // 2014 was also the year I got crafty and set up POMS – my jewellery shop over on Etsy. I’ve really enjoyed having my own lil’ biz, and it has been quite successful so far, with it growing every day and the interest POMS has gotten. It makes me so happy to see people Instagram themselves wearing their POMS, and every time I get a good review it makes me smile! I’m thinking this year to try and expand from just earrings to maybe hair ties and necklaces and/or rings. I really quickly had a play around with a POMS style hair tie… which resulted in me getting a hair tie SUPERGLUED to my hair. Not cool. More experimenting is needed(!) but I have high hopes to create something new. Watch this space.

Ugh, gym time // Aka an excuse to buy cute pink gym gear.. but yeah basically try and hit it a couple of times a week. I used to go to pilates and yoga so maybe bring that back too? I run out of breath running for the bus… so this will be interesting.

Dear Diary // One of my bezzie’s Suzi bought me the cutest five year diary, of which I am determined to fill in every day. I’ve kept up with it so far, so just over a month – and I feel when this is completed it will be so fun to look back on the years before and compare then and now. I also bought myself a new mini diary just to keep track of plans etc. The one I had for 2014 I wrote everything in, and now it’s really fun to look back and see things like when my first date with the boy was.. or when I first met people.. or did something interesting. I’m also a stickler for anniversaries, so love to have a diary so I can celebrate basically anything.

You glow girl! // Oh gawd, my skin. The less said the better. I put it through hell with makeup and general fiddling, so I think I need to just get some kind of skin care routine down to make it feel a little more loved. And maybe have at least one day a week makeup free. If I’m not going outside. And if no one’s coming over. Maybe a paper bag on the head will do?

Kitchen Queen // Weirdly I’ve taken to enjoying cleaning our kitchen. It’s a goodun’, so I figured I always want it to look nice and shiny! So a part from these random bursts of housework, I tend to keep away from the kitchen when it comes to cooking as A) The boy is an amazing cook and B) He knows it – and I hardly get a look in! Not that I’m complaining, anyone is welcome to cook for me..! But I think this year I want to take more control of that room with the oven in, and get some new recipes under my belt. I’ve grown a bit bored of baking, so with the help of Pinterest and Brit.co I’m going to teach myself some yummy stuff. Taste testers needed.

What a twit // Lastly, I’ve decided to (try) and take a step back from social media. It actually shocked me how much I cared when I lost over 150 followers on Instagram due to the Insta-cull of spam accounts. Like, I’m embarrassed how annoyed I was! I have a lot to keep an eye on online, with my Instagram, personal Twitter, blog Twitter, POMS shop and my POMS Instagram.. ugh sometimes I wonder why I give myself all the stress? I actually deleted my Sickly Sundae twitter the other day, as I felt one account was enough. I never want to spam anyone’s feeds with my blog and feel if people want to read it then they will anyway.. without all the advertisement. So if you do want updates of when a new post is published you can now follow me on twitter here @plleigh, instead of the SS twitter (previously @sicklysundae). 

So here’s to 2015, I hope everyone has a good one. Here are some highlights of my 2014…

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 15.24.52

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 15.28.15

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 15.54.37


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