Covent Garden Clouds

After seeing so many beautiful pictures on Instagram of what seemed to be floating clouds lining the interior of the market hall, I headed down to Covent Garden to view it for myself (and nab a suitable pic for my Insta). There are 100,000 white balloons making up this installation by French artist Charles Pétillon, stretching 54 meters down the Piazza and includes white pulsating lights to give the calming sensation of a heartbeat. The piazza was anything but calming though, with crazy crowds of people (mostly tourists) snapping photos of the balloons; but the piece really did wow us none the less. The balloons reminded me of the Martin Creed Exhibition me and B attended last year, where we got to run around in a room filled to the brim with white balloons!



Afterwards, we visited the small pop up gallery space outside the Market space, which showcased photographs of other pieces in this series ‘Invasions’ that Pétillon has created. There was a short film running on loop, a ‘behind the scenes’ of the creation of one of the photographs, picturing the balloons overflowing out of a decaying structure.

Charles-Petillon-Invasions-01x invasions-by-charles-petillon-2 invasions-by-charles-petillon-3

After filling our Art quota for the week, we headed back to the Southbank Market for a quick dinner, and this time opted for stone baked Pizza from one of the food vans lining the river side. I think the installation is still up in Covent Garden, so definitely pop by for a look sometime soon.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 20.18.22



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