Christmas at Garsons Farm

Christmas time is upon us, and where better to get into the Christmas spirit than at a good old fashioned garden centre? This weekend we went to visit Garsons Farm in Esher, the mother of all garden centres – with a massive garden shop stocked full to the brim of Christmas decorations, trees and treats; it was the perfect place to spend a crisp December morning.

The Christmas department is organised in sections, with different styles and colours named after places in London. If you are still stuck for ideas of how you want your Christmas tree to look there are many trees in store all dolled up making it easy to visualise how the decorations would look at home. After recently moving house we are excited to now have space for a full sized tree, so strolling through these different areas really helped us decide how we want our tree to look. Sticking with a traditional red, white and gold theme, my girly side secretly loved the ‘Holland Park’ selection of decor which boasted rich peacock colours and luxurious metallics. Mmm, maybe next year?

Outside people queued up to get their fresh trees packaged up to take home, and we ended up discovering real life reindeers that you could pet and feed yourself… If that’s not festive enough for you I don’t know what is! Garsons Farm brought back great memories of being a kid and visiting to pick fruit in the summer, so it’s nice to see it still thriving and super popular over this holiday season.
















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