(A chatty) New Job Wish List

Starting a new job is tough. Just like starting school, you want to fit in, make friends fast and generally be liked. Unlike school though there’s added pressure of actually being good at your job. Obviously you’d like to think that you’re capable (otherwise you wouldn’t have been hired in the first place), but self doubt can creep in at times and you can spend ages panicking not knowing how to ask for help. Negatives aside, new jobs are great to make a fresh start, have new experiences and learn something new every day. I’m best friends with some of the people I’ve worked with in the past, and working all around London has opened my eyes to areas of the city I may not have come across before. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 16.13.36

Working in Editorial Design, my sole work day revolves around using InDesign and Photoshop, programmes that I was never taught on my Graphic Design Uni Course(?!) and ended up just picking up as I went along – be it through my internships or personal use. When I look back at the start of my first magazine internship, I cringe as I simply didn’t have a clue how to do some of the simplest  tasks. Now I’m obviously a mega pro (well I’d be worried if I wasn’t two and a bit years later!), and feel pure joy (with a hint of smugness…) when people ask me how to do something. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 16.13.17

It’s easy to get comfortable in a job, and unlike internships where there are usually time limits for how long you can stay, full time jobs can last as long as you want… as long as you’re not fired etc obviously. I’ve been working across up to three magazine’s (in the same office) for the past year and a half and my work life is pretty jammy. Starting at 10am, and leaving at 5 on a Friday – I can leave the office on the dot and not bring stuff home with me or even have to think about work until I’m back there. The work is slow meaning that on a quiet day I can get on with other tasks such as this blog(!) and my own personal admin. Everyone is nice, and being the youngest in the office I feel very looked after and sometimes babied! I enjoy my job as a designer and when the more creative pages become available I really do like getting stuck in. Seeing your work in print is the best feeling ever, and to think that thousands of people are going to see it across the country (and world) is pretty awesome. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 16.13.25

Sometimes though, having an ‘easy’ job isn’t always fulfilling. So after many interviews at other places within the last six months (ASOS, BuzzFeed, and DK to name just a few?!) it was hard always falling at the last hurdle. I’ve always thought everything happens for a reason, and after one last push at getting a new job, I finally bagged one at a fab celeb gossip magazine. Naturally I’m sad and wary to leave my current job, but also really excited to start a fresh. Not to mention having a legit reason to know everything to do with the Kardashians, Made In Chelsea and TOWIE again..! So with just under three weeks to go, I have been looking for some cool new ‘office bits’ that may spruce up my new desk. So even if this job does turn out to be a massive fail, and somehow because of me the magazine stops selling, or my computer catches on fire.. I can still be knows as the girl with the cool post-its. Wish me luck!

work stationary

1. Copper Magazine Stand. Mmmm copper. I saw this and thought it would be handy to hold open any magazines I need for reference, or my notebook so I can check things off my to-do lists. // 2. This is the sweetest little watermelon note block, which my friend actually already bought me as a gift! // 3. Mmmm copper again! This time it’s a pencil pot, that would be of great use as I currently just stuff my many pens into an old mug. // 4. Talking of mugs, I do love a good one, and as a result of this we have way more than needed at home. This one would be kept at work though and I thought it was mega cute. // 5. ‘People I want to punch in the face’ notebook. Need I say more. Good for to do lists, and notes. As well as jotting down people’s names – as I always forget them! // 6. A big shopper bag, big enough to fit all my day-to-day bits in, including lunch and a bulging makeup bag. // 7. Sturdy ol’ magazine box file. They usually give you crappy flimsy ones in the office but this one I found looks like a beast and won’t fall a part at the amount of issues I’ll be squishing in to it! 


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