30th Birthday Celebrations! (not me, ew)

So this weekend has been one of the most fun and exhausting I’ve had in a while. B turned 30 yesterday(!) so from Saturday onwards it has been one big celebration. I’ve always been the biggest birthday lover, and I always want to make sure the birthday person has the best day possible and feels mega special at all times (cute, I know). So when the birthday boy in question is turning the big ol’ 30 – well this called for an extra push to make him have an amazing time.

Saturday night was B’s official birthday party at Lost&Co in Putney. Loads of people turned up, around 40(!) and everyone just seemed to have a great time (including me), a very drunk time (definitely including me), and feel rough the next day.. yep including me. We had never been to Lost&Co before, but it turned out to be perfect with people constantly commenting on how cool a venue it was. Typically we managed to take ZERO pictures, but I think this backs up what a good time we had – no time for photos, too busy dancing. My friend did send me one pic that she took.. which basically sums up the whole night. Us laughing hysterically over something I have no memory of.. huh.



We had B’s brother and girlfriend stay at ours after the party, so on the Sunday we all woke up reasonably early and all had tea and ate bacon & cream cheese bagels (yum). Somehow we ended up watching clips of ‘Labyrinth’ on YouTube as I had never seen it before.. I was pretty much horrified. We also were watching Wedding Dance Routines – which teamed with a hangover caused me to be much more emotionally involved than I should have been, and start crying! Oh dear.. B’s family then all arrived and we headed to Côte on Kingston Riverside for lunch. The food was eventually delicious – I say eventually as we ended up being there for three hours as they messed up orders etc.. but it worked out in the end. Most of us had steak and fries, which was super tasty and worth the wait. We then came back to the flat for chocolate fudge cake, which B’s mum had made (it was amazing).



Monday morning (B’s actual birthday) I woke up at 5am like an excited child, as I couldn’t wait for B to open his present from me! A few hours later at a more acceptable hour, I woke B up with a cup of tea and he started on his many gifts from family and friends. Everyone got him such lovely stuff, lots of great books, clothes and money. I don’t think he was that impressed with the number of the cards that had ’30’ plastered all over them though..! He tore open my present which revealed a guide book to Rome and the tickets for us to fly there this Friday! I had booked the flights and hotel around February time – and he had no idea! It was hard to keep it quiet, and I had told everyone who’d listen – so it was good work all round on keeping it a secret! We’re super excited to go as neither of us have been to Italy before, and everyone has told me how amazing it is there. Also THE FOOD. Pizza, pasta and ice-cream.. just a few of our faves which will definitely be devoured on our trip!

IMG_1837 copy



We headed into SoHo to ‘Foxcroft & Ginger‘ for brunch, where I had poached eggs with smoked salmon, and B had pancakes with bacon, mascarpone, berries and honey. I had major food envy and wish I had gotten something sweet too! Dammit. We then headed over to All Star Lanes in Holborn for some bowling and cocktails, which was fun. We proceeded to get a bit drunk come 4pm, and our second game was embarrassingly awful (luckily there were only two other people playing..who were just as bad but sober!). Afterwards we had an early dinner at BRGR.CO, which I had found through Instagram and ohhhh my it was delicious. We both got burgers and shared cheesy fries and a mac’n’cheese. The latter two were the best I’d ever had, and the whole meal was amazing and only came to around £40! I’d definitely head back there again, but maybe on a properly empty stomach so I can actually finish my meal! We had a great day, and were knackered by the time we got back home. The whole weekend was lovely, and now we have Rome to look forward to this weekend to make the birthday celebrations last even longer! 

IMG_1858 copy

IMG_1868 copy

IMG_1872 copy


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