Good eats #1

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Food is pretty much the centre of my socialising world, and while it’s so easy to go to places you already know and order the same old thing off the menu that you usually get (in my case Zizzi’s carbonara), but I have actually been to a few new amazing places recently that I think need to be shared.

Huwundeki// We stumbled across the Huwundeki website when looking online for somewhere to eat before a gig we were going to in Bethnal Green – somewhere neither me or my boyfriend had ventured out to before. All I can say is that the food-fate Gods were looking down on us at that moment, as the food we experienced there was beyond amazing. Approaching where the restaurant was apparently located, we were a tad confused as it looked like an old junk yard. Walking inside though was another story, with bare-brick walls and chandeliers, the open kitchen branched out onto the dining area creating a shabby chic street food vibe. It wasn’t until we took our seats that we realised the restaurant is attached to a (very hipster looking) hairdressers.. I’m sure this isn’t the most sanitary of situations, but it was very cool none the less.

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 13.33.40

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Food wise we ordered Mandu (Korean-style fried dumplings) and Kimchee for starters, and then the beef Bibimbap (with rice, veg and egg) and the very spicy (as in blow your nose spicy) chicken Hot Bulgogi with vegetables and rice. Also the hot ginger tea was super delicious, and I would highly recommend it. The meal was mega cheap, I think it came to around £25 for the two of us, and it’s BYO so if you wanted to have a few drinks it wouldn’t cost a lot to bring them yourself. All in all I will definitely going back here, and basically want to try everything on the menu at least once. The £14 women’s haircuts are also tempting, but think I’ll stick to the food for now.

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The Cupcake Cafe – Margate Old Town// Both times that I have gone down to Kent for the weekend I have ended up in The Cupcake Cafe in Margate. The shop itself is like a rustic Kath Kidston explosion of all things twee and girlie. Mismatching vintage looking furniture and a lot of bunting makes this the sweetest tea shop I’ve been to (an an Instagram dream). They do loads of different treats and serve their tea in old china tea cups. The service we had on our second visit wasn’t great, but this won’t stop me going again.

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Inamo// I was surprised with a trip to Inamo in Soho a few weeks ago which was so exciting! I’d always heard about this ‘interactive’ restaurant but kind of assumed it was an urban legend as I’d never heard it’s name – only the concept. Aside from the Asian fusion cuisine, the main attraction of Inamo is the interactive ordering system. An illustrated food and drinks menu is projected on to your table, where you use a trackpad by your plate to order. It’s like, the future! You can also do fun things like watch a live feed from the kitchen, change your ‘table cloth’, discover what else is nearby and even order a taxi home. One thing we did make most use out of while dining at Inamo were the games that were played through the table projections (I discovered I am rubbish at Battleships). The food was good – I mean I enjoyed what I ate although I think the portions are on the smaller side, and there was a great atmosphere (I kind of wish the host and waiters were robots though..) And of course there is serious bonding going on between tables when you give each other a look to say ‘how cool is this?!’. Dinner came to around £70 for two – the wine was rather expensive, but I really think the money was worth it for the experience.

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+ Photographs are my own: / taken from Hurwundeki on Instagram / the Inamo website