Sickly meets Sophie Elizabeth

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Oh hay there. Something new you say? An interview post with a fabulous fashion blogger you say? Well yes! I probed the cat-loving, tattooed lady, fashion junkie Sophie Elizabeth about her blog ‘Popcorn and Glitter’ to ask about all things fashion. As well as fashion, Sophie incorporates her love of cinema into her writing, with film reviews being a constant feature on the blog. I’ve known Sophie for a long while before she set up P&G, working in fashion together I can safely say Sophie always had a defined style, adding a little more edge (and black!) to her look than the other girls around us. What I like about P&G is that all the items featured are from the high street, and Sophie talks openly about her look and what she’s wearing and where to get it, bringing down that blogger/reader barrier that most Fashion Bloggers so often put up. With a mix of posed shots and mirror selfies, Sophie goes to show that anyone can share their look online – and look good doing it! Let us begin..!


Obviously I love your blog, but for people that may bot have discovered it yet, what is ‘Popcorn and Glitter’ all about?
My blog is a fashion, film, (and a little bit of) a lifestyle blog. It mostly features my most recent ‘outfits of the day’, film reviews and sometimes I throw in some of the adventures I’ve had. I originally started P&G because I wanted to write film reviews and improve my writing more but I also got a lot of people on Instagram ask where I would get my clothes, say that they loved my style and asked if I had a blog so I figured why don’t I share my outfits too?

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What have been the reactions to the blog?
The reactions so far have been amazing. I’m really grateful to have had clothes sent to me, invites to events and things. I love getting emails and comments from people who read it, whether it be for the clothes or the films and it’s nice to know someone’s reading! At the beginning I had some really lovely advice from girls I knew who were already established bloggers and they sort of introduced me to the blogging community and gave me little tips. So far I haven’t had any negative comments but it’s bound to happen eventually.

In your experience, what have you found are the highs and lows of blogging?
It took a little while for it to get any comments or views and so I lacked motivation to post at the beginning but now I love getting comments and emails from people so it’s really fun when you put in the time to post regularly. The only real negative part I think is when I share the links for new posts on Facebook and Twitter, I feel like people must be sick of seeing them!

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What do you hope to achieve through your blogging?
I didn’t really set out to do much with it but it makes me happy when people tell me they’ve gone to see a film having read my review. I’m forever urging people to make the effort to go to the cinema and enjoy the cinema experience so that’s always nice to hear! For me it was more of a way of improving my writing style and to write film reviews, just for myself really.

What inspired you to do a degree in Film, and write about it and TV, on your mostly Fashion based blog?
I’ve always been fascinated by film and it seemed like an obvious choice when deciding what course to do at uni. I’ve never really been able to watch a film without picking it to pieces and I figured if I studied it at least I’d have something to back it up with! I now actually started a new job recently for a digital marketing company, and feel like I’m slowly becoming a grown up now. I love that I can continue my passion for film through the blog, while trying out a different avenue, career wise.

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Can you describe your style? 
I’d say my style can change on a monthly, even weekly basis. It changes with my mood I think. Sometimes my style is very vintage-inspired, other days quite grunge-y or all in black. Despite wearing black a lot, I do really like bright colours, sequins and crazy textures. I pretty much never wear jeans as I don’t like to feel casual. My A/W staple for me would be the fluffy or big woollen cardigans which are completely ugly but somehow chic at the same time. They’re so warm and comfy! I’m really loving thick knits and tartan for the winter and the colder seasons are perfect for big vintage jumpers and coats. I’ll always notice trends but I like to put my own spin on it.

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You are utterly covered in tattoos! What was your first tattoo and your last tattoo?
My first tattoo was when I was about 15 or 16 years old. I got six black stars on my stomach in true emo fashion. I had wanted it for years and when I had the opportunity I just got it. It’s a little dated and tacky now but I don’t dislike it now I’m older. My most recent tattoo is a inguz rune symbol on my wrist. I’m not usually one for deep and meaningful tattoos but was drawn to this one. I’m not in to this kind of spirituality but it meant something to me.

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I’ve heard some horror stories of reactions girls have gotten to their tattoos in public… what reactions have yours gotten – especially in summer when they’re on show more?
Usually it’s people asking me stupid questions like “are your tattoos real?” as if I draw them on every day or “did it hurt?”! It get’s pretty boring but it’s kind of funny. People don’t really know how to react and ask to touch them. I’ve never really had any negative comments towards them but it doesn’t surprise me that some people have! I feel there’s still very much a stigma surrounding tattoos in terms of getting jobs and ‘what you’ll look like when you’re old’.

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And finally, what is a fashion rule that you live by?
I think it’s important to dress for your shape and I think a lot of girls will get a size because to go a size bigger implies they’re big or fat. It’s much better to have something that fits and suits you then to squeeze yourself in to a size 8 for the sake of it being an 8. It really bugs me when girls have everything out on show and dress kinda slutty. I think it can send the wrong message and less it always more, but not less clothes! You can look sexy without exposing everything!

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