March Obsessions

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Beard Exhibition: Somerset House: OH LORDY LORD! The beard-God obviously saw me write a post all about my love of beards, and told the good people at Somerset House ‘put on a photographic exhibition of hunky bearded men, it will please Polls’. So they did. And it pleased me. The Exhibition is running until the 29th of March in the Terrace Rooms at Somerset House and is free to get in – so no excuses! The small but perfectly formed space is filled with beautiful photos of bearded men (and a few bearded women) which you can read more about here. Walking in, me and Robyn were close to hyperventilating at the beautiful facial hair on display. Running around like excitable school girls, pointing and gasping at the more photographs we saw! In the second room was a wall of 60 bearded men featured for ‘Project60’ where the photographer received over 1200 submissions from people wanting to be photographed. The chosen 60 definitely earned a much deserved place on that wall! It was a great little exhibition to pop into on a wet and miserable London day, ‘spesh if you’re beard obsession is as intense as mine! [First pic by @Josephgraham]

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That Pommie Girl: Every day at work I have a carousel of websites that I go on when work is quiet.. it usually goes Etsy, Pinterest, Blogger, Youtube, Ask Reddit, Imgur. Blogger is the one I keep my eye out most as I’m always gagging for inspiration, fashion-wise. Sarah has been fashion blogging for years but for some reason I’ve never come across her until now. Her look is the perfect mix of girl glam meets boyish, with an impressive collection of trainers that I am highly jealous of. She also boasts a large collection of slogan tops, but I think I’d get some odd looks if I wore that ‘Basic Bitches’ sweatshirt to work.. Either way Sarah’s blog is a constant in my Blogger feed these days. I’ve also just discovered her Instagram, so my wardrobe envy is only going to get worse.

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Amsterdam: So next Thursday me and the boy are jetting off to Amsterdam for a few days! I am so excited, I’ve heard so many amazing things about the city and can’t wait to explore. I have been once for a day, on a ‘Eurotrip’ with uni people – but that just consisted of three rushed gallery visits and a few beers; so I’ll be pretty much exploring with fresh eyes when we go this time around. The boy’s bro went last week and took these lovely photos (check out more on his awesome blog – here), of some of the places they visited, and gave us loads of great tips and recommendations on where to visit, shop and eat, as well as lending us a selfie stick! It helps that the Euro conversion is really good at the mo, so it won’t cost a lot for us to buy bits out there. All I’m worried about is the fact we’re only taking hand luggage… I am SUCH a heavy packer and am sure I won’t survive on taking the bare minimal! 

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Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt: I am literally singing the theme tune in my head to this show as I type this! Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt is a brand new made-for-Netflix show starring Ellie Temper, about Kimmy (Temper) who is rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in New York City. She hasn’t been in the real world aka above land for over 15 years, so most of the time Kimmy still has the mentality of a teenager – proving modern day living a little tricky. This show is full of ridiculous situations and jokes, and her black-gay-cheapskate roommate ‘Titus’ is simply amazing..”I’ll pay you 100 bugs” “Did you say 100 bugs?!” RUN! ..Anyway. I’ve loved Ellie Kemper since The US Office, where she played simple but loveable ‘Erin’. She really does make the show and I thoroughly recommend checking it out.


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