Good Eats #3: Lovin’ Le Bun

So usually I’d have a few new places to talk about for my ‘Good Eats’ series on here, but after attending ‘Le Bun’ last week, I just couldn’t wait to tell the world about it! Kingston Riverside now resembles a mini Southbank, with some amazing big name restaurants lining the river such as Côte, Bills and Busaba. With the bridge all lit up blue and fairy lights lining the trees, Kingston has become a lovely place to visit around Christmas time, with Bentalls decorated floor to ceiling and the Christmas market selling delicious street food. Le Bun is a new feature to the Kingston Riverside – situated within a building that also holds a Mediterranean restaurant and a pizza place annnnnd a Macaroons & Champagne bar (erm will need to spend some time there soon!) The place is open plan resembling some kind of food court, with tables spilling out into the shared walk way, which I thought was a tad odd, but I guess just added some quirkiness. Now – on to Le Bun. First of all; the branding is spot on. It had a rustic feel, with wooden palates as tables, and bare brickwork (a love of mine). The menu is small but perfectly formed, with a range of impressive sounding burgers and tasty sides.




We both went for the brisket burger with champagne slaw, mac’n’cheese with crispy seaweed, as well as chips topped with truffle mayonaise. Fancy! Also props to them as they had my FAVE ginger beer, and when we asked for tap water they put ice in it – usually when I ask for ‘tap water with ice and lemon’ servers look at me like I’m some kind of Mariah Carey style diva! Pfft. The food arrived quickly and boy was it beautiful. I think I thanked the waitress way too enthusiastically.. and that teamed with me snapping away my little burger photo shoot, she must have thought I had some kind of burger fetish. Which to be fair I probably do to some extent.. When the food came they gave us little foil containers to use as plates (like the ones you get takeaways in) which again I thought was a cute touch. 


Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 11.37.41

The food was delicious but in hind sight maybe red lipstick wasn’t the best idea. Also please note my ’embarrassed while stuffing my face pose’ above. It was half price food which was another bonus, so in all the whole meal and drinks came to £16! Mega bargs. Sadly I think that offer has ended now, but I would still 100% go back as I want to try all the other burgers on the menu! If you don’t live near Kingston, there is another Le Bun in Dalston and a ‘Le Brunch’ (heavy breathing) menu in their Liverpool Street restaurant – YUM! So no excuses not to go. Not having desert on the menu was a blessing, as we were already so full – but easily tempted. I even blanked the Macaroon bar on the way out! Jeans had to be undone on the way home, and food coma was fully on it’s way – all signs of a great burger experience.