Fashion vs Food

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What are two of my favourite things? Hmm fashion & food.Well guess what, Wardrobe V Pantry combine the two (drools and doesn’t care who sees). 

Although browsing through WvP is rather dangerous as it makes me A) want to shop, and B) hungry – WvP is visually beautiful, and is very much design porn of the delicious kind. What I also like about WvP is that some of the matches aren’t in your face obvious.. they may pick out one colour,a composition or a texture and make a match. These food/fashion combo’s are much more dignified and chic than renting a banana suit.







Food and fashion has always been linked (not so much the models eating), and one of my favourite fashion/food combo’s were the Couture Cupcakes created by Lisa Edsalv, with each cupcake representing a different fashion house. I like the Betsy Johnson ones the most, yet would definitely stuff about five of the Louis Vuitton cupcakes in my mouth at once.

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Most recently the Macdonald’s inspired Moshcino collection blew my mind. I love how fun and silly it is, yet painfully cool. The collection is bladdy amazing though, just look at the accessories. The bags! Wah! The only downfall with this novelty fashion is once you wear an item, people will notice when you wear it again. So it may only see daylight once in a blue moon, to keep the originality. It also was highly entertaining seeing which celebrities tried-but-failed to pull it off. Poor dears (I’m looking at you Rita..)

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As for me sadly I don’t have the funds for these Maccy D beauties, but when it really comes to Food vs Fashion, there’s one staple that I can always afford that will never go out of fashion.. the candy bracelet.