Current Wishlist – August

I was cursed with being a winter baby, with my birthday falling on November 25th (or as I tell people ‘a month before Jesus’ – easier to remember). So while at the end of the year I am showered with gifts, for most of the year I am presentless – forced to pay for my own wishlist items out of my own dear pocket. Boo Hoo, woe is me. Wishlists are great to put together if you’re wanting to save up for something special, as when you do finally purchase your item you can feel good that you worked for it. They are also handy if people are nice enough to want to buy you something for your birthday or a holiday, but have no clue what you would like (I think I’m quite easy to buy for.. Topshop voucher and I’m happy.) Alas, it is only August and due to us finding our dream flat (yippee!) I am a bit on the short side cash wise, as with a dream flat comes the not-so-dreamy fees to pay and deposits to hand over. So instead of wallowing in self pity of the beautiful things I never had, I thought I’d look to the future and make a wishlist of items that have caught my lately and maybe look forward to one day receiving  or saving up for them..

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 12.36.50

Its gold. It’s pink. It’s Michael Kors. (Screams). Isn’t she a beaut! I do feel guilty perving over my pink-faced buddy, as I do already own a rather similar, just as expensive rose gold Fossil watch, which was lovingly bought for me when I graduated. It has served me perfectly well for over two years, but is a bit scratched and worn, so I’m trying to convince myself it would be okay to pay up to £100 for this Michael Kors delight. I found a cheapy version here.


With our flat being a modern new build, the walls are all white, which is great, but we want to inject some colour into it one way or another. While shopping in Kingston a few weeks ago, we saw this burger bean bag in The Bentalls Centre and fell in love. It’s not cheap at £100, I’m not holding my breath on us actually buying it any time soon, but a girl can dream. Searching online you can other bean bags shaped as: pizza, ice cream, chips and even pancakes. Mmm…now I’m hungry. 

instax camera

Since discovering hundreds of my dad’s Polaroid photos from the 80s, I have had a love for the format. Instax Mini take Polaroid’s to a whole new level of cute, and I’d love to get my hands on one (preferably white if I’m being picky). My friend has many of her Instax Mini pics attached by small clips and mounted on a wall, which I think looks great – it’s nice to bring back photos actually being printed and made into something physical you can keep forever.

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 13.49.11PL

Okay so these are definitely not a neccesity, with the sheer volume of shoes that I already own, but I stumbled upon the website ‘Where to get it‘, where you can upload a photo of an item that you’ve seen somewhere online (mostly Instagram) and people can help find it for you. It’s such a great idea, and while browsing I found these DELICIOUS hawaiian-print painted Nike’s! They are created by SOLESclusives and do trainer restoration as well as customisation. Sadly they are based in Hamburg (boo) but if I’m ever in the neighbourhood maybe I”ll pop by.